Short Trip: Hamburg

During the last two days five friends and me spend our time in Hamburg. The trip was a birthday gift to one of our friends.
I have to say that I totally fell in love with that city. Every district has its own charme and charisma.
May it be the Speicherstadt, the downtown or the Reeperbahn. It doesn't matther which time or day it is, Hamburg is alive all the time.
Downtown has beautiful classic architecture and every kind of brands with flagship stores. Expensive cars next to expensive dressed people which spend their money in those neat boutiques.
You can spend your whole night on Reeperbahn, you pass pub after club after pub after club. But actually it doesn't matter which one you pick, every pub offers the same. Tourists pass whores, amusements of every sort overwhelm you.  The nightlife is intense.
The Speicherstadt shows another side of Hamburg. Brick buildings rise above the river and canal system. Modern dekonstructive buildings break up those heavy buildings and create a great contrast.

Unfortunately I didn't take my Canon with me so you have to content yourself with shitty IPhone quality.
The trip to Hamburg definitely was a nice ending for the year 2012, in that way I also wish you a happy new year, may 2013 be nice to you!


Hoe Hoe Hoe

Since we already have the first advent it definitely was time to visit the Christmas market.
So much good smelling food, bright and warm colors everywhere, Christmas markets just have their own charme. You jump into your warmest and most compfortable cloths have a nice walk and drink and eat a lot. I think I could do that the whole year.
Unfortunately it started to rain a little bit and I was a bit worried about my camera so I only took a frew photos, but there will be definitely more photos in Christmas mood soon.


Field & Sea

Few weeks ago a friend and me went out for taking photos with a one light setup.
If you don't know what a one light setup means, it only says that we used one flash to light the subject, in this case me.
Most of the time we weren't happy with how I popped out of the pictures, because I looked to warm and the background looked too cold. You would think that I just got overlayed in with Photoshop.
Therefor Felix retouched most photos into black & whithe pictures to get rid of that ugly effect.

Eventhough I thought most of the photos were crap there are some pretty decent results at the end.
I want to thank Felix Lilge who took all the photos in this post!
Please also visit his new website, which still is under construction:



Looking like autumn, feeling like winter

It is freezing outside, we have negative degrees, the clock was set back by an hour and the first snow fell.
Seems like we can not deny that we are moving towars winter.

Today I wanted to take some photos in the forest at sunset. But I did not think that the sun would set so fast so I was terribly to late and I tried to make the best of it and found some waterdrops on leafs and grass and used my flash for the first time when it was almost completly dark.
It was so cold in the forest I thought my finger will decline, but as I wrote this text i still have all of them.


Cold days are coming

Summer is over and the temperatures start to sink again, days are getting shorter and shorter.
We are moving toward winter, but for now we have to welcome autumn. The season in which the trees turn red and yellow but then start to look grey and dead.
There is always a blue haze in the air and you just want to stay inside.
So here I have some photos to warm you up.


Golden Light

Today I used the beautiful weather to take some outdoor photos with a friend. We visited some parks I did not know about before.
People were sitting on benches, having picknicks, doing sport or just having a walk.
There were beautiful colors everywhere. The sun was shining and the trees start to turn yellow and red.
Those photos were taken in the Korean garden right next to the Goethe university. I really like those very warm colors you instantly start to feel compfortable, definietly have to spend more time outside while having such beautiful weather.



Having a lazy sunday I decided to finally take some photos again since I did not manage to spend some time on photography during the last weeks. I have been to busy with school stuff, work, etc.

I have been in Frankfurt with a friend but the lighting condition were very bad. The light was difuse, the sky grey and the colors cold so we decided to take photos indoor. Frankfurt's MyZeil gave us warm colors and some nice architecture.