Birthday Boy

Today is my 18th birthday and it definitely is/was one of the greatest days of my life.
Everybody was so nice to me, the gifts were super cute, lots of drinks and food. Everything went better than expected.

Here are some of my gifts, but the best ones are kept inside their envelopes ;)

And the 3 liter vodka bottle is a gift I will have a lot of fun with in future.

So much about my birthday so far.
Since holidays started today, I got my DSLR today and our class trip is over I will definitely post more in future, sorry for the long break.



Everybody does it. Taking pictures of oneself using a mirror (most likely the one in the bathroom).
I always hated those photos, and I think I still will. But I couldn't resist taking some on my own.

And, what I wouldn't have thought, it really was a lot of fun. I did a lot of fun photos, and I would say they really are funny, enjoy!



After watching an interview with Claudia Kunin I was inspired to try anaglyphic effects on my own.
I also added some split toning to emphasize the effect even more.



One day I found an pretty much unused sketchbook in school and because I thought it would be a shame to pass and not to take it with me.
A few days later its look bored me. Grey on grey, as simple as it could be.
With black acryl color it got painted black. Then I hammered holes through the thick cardboard, what a pain.
After that I used strings to create some nice patterns.
Here is the result.


Nikon via Canon

I finally managed to take some photos of the SLR I got from my dad. Even if it is at least 25 years old it still looks nice and ofcourse takes beautiful photos.
I used my Canon to take photos of a Nikon, how paradox. Fanboys would definitely scream, but actually I like both brands and prefer none of them.
How about you? Are you Canon, Nikon or eventually even a different brand fanboy?


Canon Eos 50D + Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 Macro

First of all I have to apolagize for not posting anything for over a week. I was too busy doing ordinary school stuff. The term is close to the end, meaning a lot of presentations and exams, meaning a lot of time spent with learning.
But now most of the tasks are done so I have time for posting!

After a long time of deciding which camera I will chose (most of the time i thought that I want to get a Canon Eos 550D) I decided to wish for a Canon Eos 50D with a Sigma zoom lens as my birthday gift.
Few days ago I got it and instantly started to read the manual and read a lot of tutorials, photography elementals, techniques and so on. I 'll definitely spend more time on those topics.

And because in my opinion you only remeber what you've tried yourself I took my camera (unfortunately without memory card for now) mounted the lens and started to shoot while the camera was connected to the pc.
There is a remote tool you can use giving you the opportunity to instantly see the photos on the computer screen and also to save them on your pc.

I used this method to take some photos, for example of the boxes the camera was delivered in or my Nikon F-501 SLR. The B/W mode looked really exciting to me so I tried it. Every photo has a different look when seen in B/W and since i shoot in RAW I have the photos in color on my pc anyways.

I will definitely post more photos the next few days since I still have some unposted ones my hard disk.
And for now enjoy the photos.