New baby // part 3

Last part of the photos I took while coloring my bicycle. It became my best friend, my love. I'll never want to lose it.


New baby // part 2

Second part of the pictures I took while spraying my bicycle.
These photos show the process of unmounting my bicycle and getting it ready for spraying.
All in all that steps took us about 6 hours.


Wiggle Vespa

While going through the pictures in Lightroom I accidently saw two Vespa photos which created a 3D illusion while skipping perusing the photos.
I decided to reproduce that effect in Photoshop and since the colors look stupid on a .gif file I made the animation greyscale.
Here it is.


Yuta Atuy // part 2

Here is the second part of the photos I took for our art class project. Not much words needed, expect that I love Yuta. Enjoy.


New baby // part 1

During the last two days three friends and me sprayed my racing bicyle I bought on ebay in cream white. It was a lot of work, most of all the polishing on the first day wasn't that good for our fingers.
I am very thankful that they helped my because it would never look like it does now without them.

I have so many pictures to show you so there will be more pictures to see soon. For now there are only pictures of the "new" bicycle. There will be pictures of how it looked before soon.
So here we go, enjoy!

And again thanks for the help guys ♥



I did a collage in my free time during the last two days. The background is from an political journal, the woman is taken from an fashion journal. I did a little bit of painting on it, scanned it in and then readjusted the lines in Photoshop. Finally I colorized it Andy-Warhol-like.
I also call the collage Andy because of a friend who's Iphone is named Andy, may the person I adress that too read it.


A due Colori - Alberto Seveso

Italian artist Alberto Seveso took some mind blowing photographs of colored ink moving and interwaving in water.
The pictures look so natural, graceful and vivid, he did a really good job.
Check out all his pictures at behance.net.

Ice for the galaxy

Seems like our logo decided to take a temporary job as a waffle for the brand new galaxy ice cream.
Looks delicious, do you want some?


Late vintage

Pretty late to jump onto the vintage train, huh?
I tried to reproduce the vintage look onto a picture taken by my analog SLR.
Here is the result. What do you think of it?


Big city life // part 2

As promised here is the second part of the pictures taken in Frankfurt.
As last time I annotated the photos Felix has taken.
Have a look and enjoy.


Art class shirt

I had the honour (actually it wasn't, but I sacrifised myself) to design our art class shirt.
We decided to take pictures of ourselfes and then combine parts of them to one mixed portrait containing every student and the teacher.
Then opinions seperated, some want the names to be listed on the back of the shirt, some want them to surround the portrait like a frame.
I decided to realize the framed version and here is the result.

I want the design to be printed onto a loose hanging tanktop or onto a bag, we'll see for what the class will decide.


Yuta Atuy (art project) // part1

This term our art class had to take 15 portraits of a person you elect.
I chose Yuta, the only other boy in class, and took the photos at Felix's basement where he has some flashes, lights and a canvas we could use.
Since I hadn't, and I still don't have a DSLR, I used Felix's Nikon D90 to take the photos.

We had to take five portraits with differing lighting conditions, differing detail and differing perspectives. Five portraits with different utensils and five photoshopped portraits.
In matter of fact that the photos are about two months old and my photographing skills weren't that good at that time I had to do a lot of retouching in Photoshop.
The pictures will be printed out in Din A4 format and then banded in an A3 album.

Anyways here is the first half of the pictures, the second half will be uploaded soon.


Big city life

Last friday Felix Lilge and I shooted in Frankfurt city.
Most of the time I used his Nikon D90 with a 50mm f/1.8 mounted. He mounted the same lens I use  with my Nikon F-501 and it is very impressive how good the pictures taken by a 20 year old lens are.
The pictures Felix has taken are annotad, so you know who took which photo.

Because of the amount of pictures there will be a second post from the same session later, so visit the blog in a few days again!



The first film of my analog SLR was used to take some photos at our local port while sunset. I took pictures while a friend shooted with his Nikon D90.
Both of us took some great pictures and tried to catch the evening light.
On my Nikon F-501 was a 50mm f/1.8 mounted.

Nikon F-501

Since I found an old analog SLR my father bought 20 years ago I decided to take some photos with it.
I didn't know how the pictures would look like when they are developed, because I never used the camera before, but actually the pictures came out better than expected.

Taking analog pictures is somehow classy,you get grain and distortion.
Also you want to make the best of every picture. toobadthat it is very expensive to take pictures that way.
In two months I will  get a DSLR, I will definitely take a lot of pictures with it, but for now I will have to go the complicated way by developing, scanning and then readjusting the pictures in Photoshop, it is fun but also very time consuming.