Summer is over, daily grind caught most of us again. I hope all of you had a nice summer, gathered a lot of experiences and new imprsssions and feel prepared for cold winter.
Since winter semester luckily starts in October, I've got a last month of spare time before university (yes I'm a student now woop woop).
After being lazy for three months now it's time to be productive again. I've collected a lot of photos I wanted to share with you, but I even was too lazy to write new posts.

Let us start with my trip to Amsterdam. In the middle of August a friend and me travelled for four days to Amsterdam and had a great time. The city is just beautiful, I could walk through the streets and stare at the buildings the whole day. The architecture is awesome, people are nice and they all speak quite good english.
Food is quite expensive there, and tickets for museums aren't cheap as well. But it's definitely worth its money. I've never spend so much money in such a short peiod of time, but I have to say I never enjoyed a city as much as Amsterdam. I'll definitely visit Amsterdam and it's overwhelming culture again.

The trip to Amsterdam was the one I took the most photos, even though it was the shortest one.
I'll split the photos into three posts for you, so prepared for another post soon.