Ali & Mr. ???

Here are two designs which might be transferd onto a shirt. The Muhammad Ali one would fit well on a white one and the one with the wild hair would fit onto a grey shirt.
There are two other designs to come soon, but for now enjoy those two.

Also the design of the page should be finished for now, maybe there will be some minor changes, but nothing big.


We are ... Three Angles

The blog is almost finished, for now there are only subtle changes remaining.
But most of all we have a name, it is three angles. It stands for the three angles a triangle consists off and for the 3 views you have while watching an object in space. 3D is an general element of three angles because a lot in the background is achieved with 3D programs, but here we want to concentrate on design.

Therefore you can get prepared for some cool designs in near future, which I might bring on some T-Shirts, it will depend on how much you like it.