Looking like autumn, feeling like winter

It is freezing outside, we have negative degrees, the clock was set back by an hour and the first snow fell.
Seems like we can not deny that we are moving towars winter.

Today I wanted to take some photos in the forest at sunset. But I did not think that the sun would set so fast so I was terribly to late and I tried to make the best of it and found some waterdrops on leafs and grass and used my flash for the first time when it was almost completly dark.
It was so cold in the forest I thought my finger will decline, but as I wrote this text i still have all of them.


Cold days are coming

Summer is over and the temperatures start to sink again, days are getting shorter and shorter.
We are moving toward winter, but for now we have to welcome autumn. The season in which the trees turn red and yellow but then start to look grey and dead.
There is always a blue haze in the air and you just want to stay inside.
So here I have some photos to warm you up.


Golden Light

Today I used the beautiful weather to take some outdoor photos with a friend. We visited some parks I did not know about before.
People were sitting on benches, having picknicks, doing sport or just having a walk.
There were beautiful colors everywhere. The sun was shining and the trees start to turn yellow and red.
Those photos were taken in the Korean garden right next to the Goethe university. I really like those very warm colors you instantly start to feel compfortable, definietly have to spend more time outside while having such beautiful weather.