Old Opera

Many, many days ago I visited the old opera at dusk with a friend. Unfortunately I had no tripod so the photos are a bit shaky.
I really like the colors of the lampf lighting the opera, also the sky has a really nice color.


glitter glitter

Trying to take photos with glitter passing by we failed hard. But we took some nice photos of glitter traveling through the air. Enjoy.



Took this one on my vacation in poland. I still didn't manage to upload the photos I took there but I definitely will do this soon!


Main festival

This evening we went to the Main Fest, because like always we were very bored so I took my camera and a friend took his tripod with him so I finally could take some longtime exposures.
As a surprise there was a firework at 10pm I didn't kniow about so I didn't manage to take some good photos, because my camera settings were very bad for such a situation.

All in all it was a very sucessfull evening. I took about 8GB of photo material, there was a lot of food, a lot of interesting looking people and a lot of beautiful impressions.