Yuta Atuy (art project) // part1

This term our art class had to take 15 portraits of a person you elect.
I chose Yuta, the only other boy in class, and took the photos at Felix's basement where he has some flashes, lights and a canvas we could use.
Since I hadn't, and I still don't have a DSLR, I used Felix's Nikon D90 to take the photos.

We had to take five portraits with differing lighting conditions, differing detail and differing perspectives. Five portraits with different utensils and five photoshopped portraits.
In matter of fact that the photos are about two months old and my photographing skills weren't that good at that time I had to do a lot of retouching in Photoshop.
The pictures will be printed out in Din A4 format and then banded in an A3 album.

Anyways here is the first half of the pictures, the second half will be uploaded soon.

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