Canon Eos 50D + Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 Macro

First of all I have to apolagize for not posting anything for over a week. I was too busy doing ordinary school stuff. The term is close to the end, meaning a lot of presentations and exams, meaning a lot of time spent with learning.
But now most of the tasks are done so I have time for posting!

After a long time of deciding which camera I will chose (most of the time i thought that I want to get a Canon Eos 550D) I decided to wish for a Canon Eos 50D with a Sigma zoom lens as my birthday gift.
Few days ago I got it and instantly started to read the manual and read a lot of tutorials, photography elementals, techniques and so on. I 'll definitely spend more time on those topics.

And because in my opinion you only remeber what you've tried yourself I took my camera (unfortunately without memory card for now) mounted the lens and started to shoot while the camera was connected to the pc.
There is a remote tool you can use giving you the opportunity to instantly see the photos on the computer screen and also to save them on your pc.

I used this method to take some photos, for example of the boxes the camera was delivered in or my Nikon F-501 SLR. The B/W mode looked really exciting to me so I tried it. Every photo has a different look when seen in B/W and since i shoot in RAW I have the photos in color on my pc anyways.

I will definitely post more photos the next few days since I still have some unposted ones my hard disk.
And for now enjoy the photos.

Check out the Cameraception in this photo!

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