Fuck school, enjoy spring

Finally spring arrived in Germany! It is warm, you can leave your jacket at home, tan your skin and chill in the sun.
Somehow spring makes me feel creative again. I stare at forms, colors and nature around me. There are things to observe you didn't even pay the smallest amount of attention to. I really want to draw again, spend as much time outisde as possible and do all the things I couldn't do during winter.
Spring we've really been waiting for you, stay as long as possible please!

Today I had to drive to Seligenstadt, a very rich city with a beautiful historic city center. The abbey there is well known around here. Bright flowers and beautiful nature all around you.
Besides the abbey there are lovely little shops with delicious food. If I would live there I would definitely get fat.
There is a wonderful atmosphere in the city. people are very calm and nice. Everything is silent there, there is almost none traffic. Felt like holidays there.


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